How does NooFl Portal work?

Build your site.

NooFl Portal breaks the parts of your site down into bricks. Snap these together to make the site you want.

Choose your style.

NooFl Portal only provides designs from name-brand designers, giving you only what you want.


Remember that $5,000 you were going to spend to hire a web designer? Keep it.



The Platform: Reliability from the Beginning

You're looking at a NooFl Portal website.

We run our business website off of the same exact systems, using the same exact accounts that we sell to our customers. That means if your site is down, so is ours. Since we run a profitable and well performing business, it better not be down for long.


Nothing to set up, nothing to tweak, nothing to install, nothing to scale, nothing to optimize (SEO).

NooFl Portal is a completely managed system. We take care of all the tricky details in setting up your site, which means that there is no software to install, nothing to upgrade and that your site will stay online through the most massive traffic storms. Further, we've already used every trick in the book to ensure your site gets picked up by search engines. New features are constantly deployed so that your site is always up to date.



True cloud hosting.

Running a huge site? Getting featured on Digg and Slashdot all the time? You need NooFl Arabia. All sites are hosted on all of our web servers — which means you never have to worry about a single server failing. The traffic generated from being on the front page of Digg is nothing compared to what the  sites hosted on NooFl Arabia see in a single day. A normal day for the architecture serving your NooFl Portal site is serving tens of millions of hits. Compare this to the crippling effect this would have on your slice of resources on a shared web host — you wouldn't stay online long enough to receive the traffic from your press.


We have real people monitoring your website 24 hours a day.

NooFl Arabia monitors hundreds of functional aspects of our system automatically every 20 seconds. We eliminate the cost of setting up your own monitors and we take the worry out of your site going down. NooFl Arabia automates the next human resolution step when we've got a hardware failure, and our engineers are on call 24×7 to handle any issue that may arise.


Anti spam system.

Every NooFl Portal site comes equipped with a network-aware anti-spam system that prevents spam from ever reaching your NooFl Portal site. Because of our unique access to tens the hosted sites,NooFl Arabia  collects a massive amount of real-time spam data which is used in our spam blocking process — a process developed over half a decade of experience, and one that is impossible for the independent site owner to replicate without plugins.





Tier 1 data center, world class infrastructure.

On the web, some bandwidth is cheap, and some is expensive — the cost difference comes down to reliability. Some web hosts who run single servers connected to unreliable providers can offer very large bandwidth at dirt cheap prices. Our infrastructure is the complete opposite. At NooFl Arabia, our service is world class, so our partners are world class too.

We don't run our own data center — we aren't experts at that. We're experts at software. We rely on real data-center experts —Peer1 Networks — for our connectivity and power sources. It isn't cheap — the bandwidth at a world class data center costs more than commodity grade co-location facilities that are prone to power and network failures. How good is Peer1? They not only remained online during the NYC blackout a few years ago — but were nice enough to lend their power to some neighbors in need.


The Site Builder: Everything in One Place

Like building blocks for the web. With our 20+ core modules, you can snap your site together in seconds.

Pages and features in NooFl Portal are broken into blocks that you snap together to make your site. This takes out all the plug-in hacking and complicated integration most systems require and lets you get right down to business. Building a photo gallery into your website is as easy as choosing the photo gallery module (block) and adding it to your navigation. All you have to do is add your pictures. All the technical stuff is handled behind the scenes for you by NooFl Arabia.









Drag and drop control.

Moving pages around your site is as easy as dragging and dropping them. Need a drop down menu in your top navigation? Just drop a folder of links in the top bar and NooFl Portal creates the drop down menu for you. It isn't just navigation that you can drag and drop either, entire sections of content can be moved between columns with ease.



Rapid on-site editing.

Want to add content? Perhaps edit something you already wrote? Want to trash something all together? No problem. Our rapid on-site content editing tool will assist you every step of the way. Your content can be edited without any third-party tools

Complete ownership: Your domain. Your ads. Your branding. Your profit.

When you sign-up for NooFl Portal, there is no hidden agenda. It is 100% your site and your content. There is no way for anyone to know you are using NooFl Portal. Use your own domain name for the complete self-branded experience. When you are a paying customer (as is everyone else on our system) you get treated like a member of an elite group and ads and shady business don't fit in that equation.


Design: Total Creative Control

You're not stuck in a cookie cutter design.

The presentation of your site is independent of its content, allowing you to change your style without having to worry about anything breaking. You can create new looks for your site with a few simple clicks. Every element of your site is customizable in real-time right before your eyes. You're no longer at the mercy of a web designer, you can do it yourself.


Templates that aren't templated.

AlNofl.Com contains 200+ NooFl Portal professionally designed style variants from brand name designers. Each template contains a number of color and style variants, and each variant can be customized to ensure that your site looks completely unique. In other words, you have infinite possibilities.


NooFl Portal can be anything you want it to be.

One, two, or three columns. Multiple top-navigation options. Drop-down menus. Every single NooFl Portal site supports any column and navigation arrangement, so you can organize your pages however you like.

Web Fonts.

All the fonts are fully integrated within NooFl Portal, you can upload any fonts direct and use it on your website. There’s nothing for you to install, no Javascript to add, no CSS to write. It's all available directly within the Fonts, Colors & Sizes menu. Click the element you want to change, pick a font, and preview it instantly. It's like magic.

Coming Soon (Google Web Fonts) 300+ fonts ready to use!



Developer-friendly CSS editing.

Behind the pretty interface lies a hardcore, developer-friendly foundation. Dig right into our fully-equipped CSS editor for fine-grained control. Pop out the entire editor for full-screen view. Insert style variables, and format your code like a pro. Plus, 3 color themes are available for easy-on-the-eyes editing. It's everything a developer could want.


Control: Better Site Management

Real-time visitor analytics, pagerank tracking, and more – all in one place.

Total control: update any part of your site, at any time, right from the front of your site. No developer help required. No waiting.

Who better to manage your site than you? We built our comprehensive platform so bloggers and business owners alike would be equipped with not only the ability to have an attractive site, but to understand what's going on with visitor behavior. We lay out all the numbers you want to see in an attractive useful way. What does this mean for you? Don't worry about plugging in third party analytics tools or being an analytics guru. Your site automatically comes with this information ready to be discovered, all you have to do is click a button, and you're off on your way to knowing your visitor behavior.


No software to manage, no software to update, no plug-ins to patch, no server that can crash.

When we mentioned that you don't need anything but NooFl Portal, we meant it. You have full control over everything from journal posting to creating a whole new look. After having control of your own site, we bet you'll never go back to paying someone to do it ever again.


Business-Class Support for Every User

Every user is our number one client — all NooFl Portal members have access to our industry-leading support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our quick-response support helps you solve your problems fast (our goal is a 15-minute response time). Our team is made up of NooFl Portal experts assembled from our community who will quickly assess and get to the root of your problem. Everyone on our team is an experienced NooFl Portal member and a full member of our team. There are no call centers, and nothing is outsourced.


NooFl Portal Support Testimonials


It’s amazing how communicative you guys are. A lot of other software companies could really take a lesson from you.
- Jaclyn (Business Owner)

You guys are amazing. It's almost 2am and you’re helping me. I have never had customer service like [this].
- Nicholas (Photographer)

I appreciate you answering my questions and not telling me that I shouldn't be working on the web because I don't know anything!
- Suzanne (Web Noob)


The NooFl Arabia Support Team

Support from real NooFl Portal users like you. Our support team is made up of techies, illustrators, musicians, chefs, mothers, fathers, small business owners, and web designers. They are on call to help every hour of the day, and can usually respond to your questions within minutes!

NooFl Portal Help & FAQ

Have questions? We have the answers. Our extensive Help Manual and FAQ section is constantly updated so you have access to relevant, concise answers from our staff. More than words on a page, we have an ever growing collection of video tutorials to help you along the way.




Community: Developer Forums

Just because NooFl Portal is ridiculously easy doesn't mean it isn't powerful. Underneath the pretty exterior is a full-blown CMS with all the tricks and features you need to build customize websites: fine-grained CSS control, injectable code regions, valid XHTML framework and more. Our healthy, growing community of NooFl Portal developers is the place to get the lowdown on how to customize your NooFl Portal website and make it learn new tricks.

(Coming Soon)